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Single Spring Seals (VS40C)

Single Mechanical Seal With An Extremely Versatile And Functional Design. The Fact That It Is Attached To The Shaft With Screws Allows This Seal To Be Installed In A Large Variety Of Applications With Differing Mounting Dimensions. Its Structure Allows Secondary Seals Made Of Different Materials To Be Used: FKM, Aflas, FFKM, FEP, NBR.

  • Unbalanced
  • Single Cylindrical Spring
  • Dependent On The Rotation Directions
  • System Attached To The Shaft By Allen Screws.

Multi spring Seal (VMS 15/ VMS 15W)

The Set Of Spring Placed Around The Contact Surface Of The Rotating Part Generates A More Uniformed Load Than In Models With A Single Spring. The VMS 15 Is Suitable For Many Different Applications. The VMS 15W Uses A PTFE Wedge As A Secondary Seal And Is Appropriate For Highly Aggressive Chemicals And For Thermal Oils With High Temperatures.

  • Mechanical Seal Drive – Reduces Slippage On Shaft Or Sleeve To Eliminate Galling And Premature Wear.
  • Components In Cartridge Design Are Builds For The Highest Reliability And Simple Installation.
  • Seal Type VMS 15W Is Wedge Design Which Helps To Creates Positive Seal Use In Extreme Temperature, Chemical Application.
  • Sing Of Suitable Coating On Sealing Area To Eliminate Scoring On Shaft And Sleeve.
  • Effective Usage
  • High Functional Efficiency

Multi Spring Seal (VMS 20)

Mechanical Seal With A Simple, Compact Design For All Purpose Use And In Particular In Application With Moderate Pressure (Up To 14hg/Cm2) Such As Pumps And Compressors.

  • Balanced
  • Not Dependent On The Rotation Direction
  • Single Cylindrical Spring

Multi Spring Seal (VMS28)

It Can Be Used In Vertical Agitators With Moderate Speed Without The Need To Apply Auxiliary Lubrication System. Adapted To DEBRIS Cleaning System.

  • Balanced
  • System Attached To The Shaft By Allen Screws.
  • Not Dependent On The Rotation Direction
  • External Mounting

Wave Spring VWS 70 & VWS 71

This Mechanical Seal is designed for internal and external mounting. Its small mounting size makes it ideal for using in lobe pumps. The wave spring cannot be blocked or obstructed when working with fluids laden with particles, sticky or viscous fluids. The fact that the rotating part of the mechanical seal is made of stainless steel (the most habitual combination) makes it a resistant, robust seal.

  • Unbalanced.
  • System attached to the shaft by Allen screws.
  • Not dependent on the rotation direction.