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Multi-Stage Dry Vacuum Pump

  • Three & Four Stage Compression (Dp250 & Dp400) :-

Faster Air Removal And Higher Rate Of Compression

  • Compact Design :-

Pump Mounted On A Stand – Alone Frame Occupying A Footprint <1 Sq.M

  • Vertical Mount :-

Self- Draining Technology And A Vertical Mount Design Make The Pump More Versatile And Rugged .

  • Cartridge – Type Inlet Side Bearing :-

Grease Lubricated Roller Bearing Ideal For Supporting Radial Loads. Easy Replacement Of Inlet Side Roller Bearing And Seals Without Removing Stages.


  • Angular Contact Bearing :-

Double Row Angular Contact Bearing Near The Motor Take Care Of Simultaneously Acting Radial And Axial Loads.

  • Relief Valve :-

A Third Stage Relief Valve Avoids High Pressure Build Up Within Stage Compression Cycle, If The Pump Crosses 300mbar

  • Temperature Control System :-

Helps Is Preventing Condensation/Deposition Of Chemicals In The Stages. It Maintains The Set Cooling Water Through The Heat Exchanger. The Set Temperature Is Defined By The Application.

  • Intelligent In-Direct Cooling (Thermosiphon) :-

Unidirectional Flow Of Water Through The Heat Exchanger Will Eliminate Blockages That May Occur In Industrial Water Supplies.  Cleaning The Heat Exchanger Is Also Easier If Clogging Occurs, When Compared To The Clogging Faced Within The Pump Jacket.

  • Inlet Purge :-

Protection From Process Substances Entering Into The Pump Chamber And Pipe Lines Through Purging A High Pressure Nitrogen At The Inlet.

  • Shaft Seal Purge :-

It Is Essential To Maintain Shaft Seals At A Positive Pressure During Operation Helping To Prevent Entry Of Corrosive/Toxic Gases Towards The Pump Gear Cover. Life Of Shaft Seals Increases As We Eliminate The Risk Of Damage That May Cause From Debris Or Any Other Corrosive/Toxic Gases. A Controlled And Customizable Feature Helps The User To Determine The Purge Frequency Based On The Usage And Application.

  • Solvent Purge :-

Internal Surfaces Of The Pump Are More Prone To Corrosion And By-Product Settlement. This Is Prevented By Running The Solvent Used For Distillation. The Solvent Purge Will Rinse The Pump Internals And Keep It Safe From Possible Corrosion And Process Substances.

  • Aromatic Extraction
  • Tray Drying
  • Distillation

(Common Solvents)

  • Distillation

(Reactive Chemicals)

  • Freeze Drying
  • Filtration
  • Transformer Drying
  • Vacuum Furnace
  • Cryogenic Tank Evacuation

Solar Lamination