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Liquid Ring VacuumPump

Vovac Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Are A Reliable And Durable Solution For Challenging Process Applications.

Reliable Liquid Ring Technology

The Working Principle Of A Liquid Ring Pump Is Based Around A Pump Body And An Eccentric Rotor. As The Rotor Spins, The Seal Liquid Inside The Pump Forms A Rotating “Liquid Ring” On The Inner Surface Of The Body. Vovac Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Feature Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Which Would Cover The Range Till 12000 Cfm.


  • Accepts Carryover –Soft Solids, Moisture, Slugs, Chemicals, And More Will Not Harm The Pump But Are Washed Out Through The Pump Discharge.
  • Cool & Quiet Operation – The Pump Runs Cool Due To The Circulation Of The Sealing Water Inside The Pump.
  • Continuous Operation For Any Process – The Pump Can Operate Constantly And Continuously At Any Vacuum Level Up To 1in. Hga.
  • Easy Maintenance And Longer Pump Life –Our Pump Only Has One Moving Part So There Is Less Wear And Simple Maintenance, Making Our Pumps More Affordable.


Vovac Single Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Feature Monoblock Or Lantern Designs. These Designs Deliver The Benefits Of A Simple, Compact, And Economical Installation. Our Range Of Liquid Ring Pumps Are Available In A Variety Of Materials Including Cast Iron And Stainless Steel And Are Ideal For Use In A Vast Range Of Industrial Processes.

Vovac Single Stage Vacuum Pumps Are Ideal For Demanding Applications In Extremely Tough Conditions. These Heavy-Duty Pumps Are Able To Serve A Wide Range Of Applications, Which Can Typically Include Dewatering In The Paper Industry And Vacuum Filtering In Mineral Ore Processing. Our Large Capacity Pumps Are Available In A Variety Of Materials Including Stainless Steel, Cast Iron With Some Models Featuring A Polyisoprene Lining.

  • Engineered To Order
  • Suitable For A Wide Range Of Process Industries
  • Peak Performance At Low Suction Pressures
  • Peak Efficiency At High Vacuum
  • A Choice Of Configurations
  • Fly Ash Conveying
  • Pulp And Paper
  • Filtration
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Methane Extraction

Gwv Series Single Stage Watering
Vacuum Pump

909 Series Watering
Vacuum Pump

Gxl Series Watering
Vacuum Pump

G – 12000 Series Watering
Vacuum Pump


  • Simple & Robust Construction
  • Efficient Performance Compared To Single Stage Vacuum Pump
  • Energy Saving With Low Power & Less Water Requirement.
  • Suitable Vacuum Range For Number Of Process Applications
  • Can Be Supplied With Accessories Like Mechanical Seal , Corrosion , Resistant Coatings
  • Dehydration & Filtration
  • Deodorization
  • Evaporation
  • Distillation
  • Sterilization
  • Venting & Sucking
  • Exhausting & Extrusion

Vovac Two Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Are Ideal For A Variety Of Industrial Applications And May Be Combined With Ejectors Or Boosters To Form Hybrid Packages, Allowing Higher Vacuum Levels.

The Working Principle Of Suction And Exhaust Of Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Is The Same As That Of Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump. When The Impeller Rotates, An Eccentric Water Ring Is Formed On The Inner Wall Of The Chamber And Filled With Water Between The Blades. With The Impeller Rotating, Periodic Reciprocating Motion Is Continuously Made Between The Blades. The Volume Of The Middle Of The Blade Is Changed, And The Process Of Suction, Compression And Exhaust Is Completed With The Corresponding Cooperation Of The Fixed Suction And Exhaust Ports. The Second Stage Is To Reduce The Exhaust Pressure Of The First Stage And Improve The Vacuum Of The First Stage.

Comparison And Selection Between Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump And Single-Stage Liquid Ring Pump 

Two-Stage Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump AndSingle-Stage Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pump Are Designed And Developed For Different Operating Conditions. From The Above Curves, It Can Be Seen That The Pumping Speed Of Single-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Decreases Seriously In The Range Of High Vacuum (Less Than 2000 Pa), Even Less Than 30% Of The Maximum Pumping Speed At 5000-1000pa. Under This Condition, The Efficiency Is Very Low And The Power Consumption Is High. However, Under The Condition Of Rough Vacuum, It Shows The Advantage Of Large Pumping Capacity. The Two-Stage Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Can Achieve A Higher Pumping Speed In A Higher Vacuum Range, Or Maintain A Higher Vacuum In A Larger Pumping Rate Range. In Higher Vacuum Working Condition, The Efficiency Is Increased By 35% To 40% Compared With Single Stage Liquid Ring Pump, And The Energy Consumption Is Reduced Accordingly. Therefore, The Appropriate Vacuum Pump Should Be Selected According To The Use Conditions In Order To Reduce Energy Consumption And Economic Operation.