Vacuum Pump Refurbishment

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Vacuum Pump Inspection & Repair

With decades of expertise in the field of Vacuum & Pressurized Pump, we have mastered ourselves to rectify the causes of premature failure and helped our customers for more reliability.

Our inspection process involves a thorough examination of your vacuum pump to identify any signs of wear and tear, leaks, or other damage. We use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to assess the condition of your pump, including measuring the vacuum level, checking the oil quality, and examining the condition of the vanes, bearings, and seals.

Based on our inspection results, we provide a detailed report that outlines any necessary repairs and maintenance recommendations. Our repair services include replacing worn or damaged parts, rebuilding the pump, and testing to ensure it is functioning correctly.

We understand the critical role that vacuum pumps play in industrial processes, and we aim to provide efficient and reliable repair services to minimize any disruption to your operations. With decades of experience in the field of vacuum and pressurized pumps, our team has the expertise to rectify the causes of premature failure and help you achieve greater reliability and performance from your equipment.



Our Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service Can Help You To Get Maximum Value From Your Investment.

Our Service Center Offer A Complete Range Of Product Repair, And Remanufacturing Solutions, With Proven Working Practices And Careful Attention To Detail.

Our complete remanufacturing services follow a comprehensive high-quality multi-step process that includes:

  • Incoming Inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Decontamination
  • Cleaning
  • Component Inspection
  • Replacement Of Parts
  • Reassembly
  • Painting
  • Safety Testing
  • Performance Validation
  • Expertise Report

Our Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service Delivers The Closest Thing To A New Pump You Can Get, Managed By The Technical Experts Who Understand Every Inch Of Your Equipment.

If you want the best performance but your equipment budget does not quite stretch to a new pump, a certified pre-owned unit may be the perfect solution. It is also a cost effective way to always keep a credible back-up pump available.

Each of our pre-owned units has been carefully rebuilt in our dedicated remanufacturing to restore equipment performance to original specifications.

Every certified pump is carefully tested and comes with a 6-month warranty, making this the most cost-effective way for you to benefit from some of our best pump technology.

Ask our technical team for a pump that will suit your application.

The ability to keep your operations running smoothly on a defined budget is key.

Our managed maintenance approach, tailored to your precise operation, will optimize service events around your critical needs to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase productivity.

Regular scheduled maintenance can identify potential problems before they occur, and plans can be structured around different levels of care.

Managed maintenance also enables cost management and will help you avoid the risk and expense associated with unplanned downtime.

Three plans to choose from:

Parts Care – A kit-based spares only solution, perfect for businesses that prefer to manage their own assets.

Preventive Care – routine maintenance on a schedule designed to meet the needs of your business or process.

Comprehensive Care – Routine maintenance on a schedule, complete with breakdown cover for additional peace of mind.


Extend the life of your vacuum pump with our professional refurbishment services and quality assurance.


Get your mechanical seals refurbished by our skilled technicians for optimal performance and reduced maintenance cost

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